Street art in Barcelona, Spain

Street art in Barcelona, Spain

Street artist: SAINER

Street artist: SAINER

Q: Love your blog

Thank you. Yours is quite beautiful. x

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Q: *amazed eyes widen as they glance upon this essence of a blog. Touches it gently and whispers "this is remarkable perfection" deeply sighs and wanders around*

I love that! xx

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'Yearning' by Sara Riches

'Yearning' by Sara Riches

Q: So what s up? I m a tumblrnewbie.

Not much. What’s up with you?

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Q: Hey really Nice blog i love it 😍😍 i follow u now have a Nice day 😁👌

Thanks. Same to you

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Why can’t I be here right now

Why can’t I be here right now

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Q: Hey! I just started my account today and I'm trying to make it better and more popular. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you xx

Nope, it’s perfect. x

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Q: I've been on your blog for less than 5 minutes and I already love it😍

I love yours as well

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